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Women Who Give Too Much

Do you spend more time taking care of others than you do taking care of yourself? Do you have a hard time saying No or speaking up for yourself? Are feelings of guilt holding you back from asking for what you want? Do you think that you don’t deserve to be taken care of or that your self-worth is measured by how happy you can make others?

Join sexual civil rights lawyer and relationship educator Diana Adams, and world renowned sex educator Reid Mihalko for a frank, humorous, and enlightening series of Teleclasses designed to give you the skills and know-how to receive more, assert and nourish yourself in all areas of your lives, especially relationships!

Teleclass #1: Tools for Women Who Give Too Much
With Diana Adams, Esq., and Reid Mihalko
In this 90-minute teleclass, Reid and Diana will launch into an overview on how women who give too much can make themselves the priority and increase their confidence!
We will go over how to:
  • Take care of your own needs and reclaim your sense of priority
  • Be compassionate to those you love without caving in 
  • Distinguish your own needs and create powerful boundaries
  • Ask explicitly for what you want
  • Be fearless in difficult conversations and lessen feelings of guilt
  • Let go of relationships that aren’t serving you
  • Support yourself and those you love in ways that invigorate and excite you!
This call is for women and their male allies who want to support the women in their lives on how to better take care of themselves. 

Teleclass #2: Asking for What You Want
With Diana Adams, Esq., Reid Mihalko and communication expert Marcia Baczynski
Do you lie back and wait for relationships and jobs to come to you? Do you have trouble speaking up? Would you like to be more active in making your desires a reality?
If you enjoyed the first call and the overview we gave, join Diana, Reid and special relationship and communication expert Marcia Baczynski for an in-depth 90-minute teleclass devoted solely to removing the fear in asking for what you want so you can get what you deserve!
In this fun yet poignant teleclass, you will learn ways to:
  • Get comfortable making requests and with the possibility of hearing No.
  • Tap into your self-esteem and realize that you deserve to have what you want instead of always settling for less. 
  • Learn how to be unstoppable in realizing your dreams!
What are you waiting for? Adopt a "Yes means Yes" perspective on life and master asking for what you want!

Teleclass #3: How to Argue like a Lawyer
Do you wish you could argue like a tenacious lawyer? Ever feel like men are better at arguing and holding their ground in a conversation? Maybe you’re the kind of woman who has lots to say, but can’t seem to get your point across or “say things the right way” when conversations get heated or animated?
Well, if you’ve ever kicked yourself in the pants for not holding your ground in a conversation or felt hesitant to jump into a verbal fray, this is your time to release your inner Law & Order attorney and learn how to speak with conviction!
Join sexual civil rights attorney Diana Adams, Esq., communication expert Reid Mihalko and their special tele-guest expert for an in-depth, 90-minute teleclass on effective strategies for arguing confidently!
In this invigoratingly unique teleclass, you will learn ways to:
  • Make your point without having to yell
  • Get over your mental blocks and fears regarding arguing
  • Redefine arguing and passionate conversation in ways that are positive and actually increase intimacy in your relationships 
  • Hold your intellectual ground with men, women, your bosses, and even your parents!
  • Make arguing a fun game instead of a relationship-ender
Teleclass #4: Feeling Great About Saying No
Do you have difficulty in saying no? Wish you were better at enforcing your boundaries? Do you avoid rejecting people and, in doing so, often end up participating in things you'd rather not? Does feeling guilty often influence your decision-making?
Many women feel they can't say no because they care too much or don't want to hurt the other person's feelings; But the inability to say No powerfully is often more about fear and insecurity. And while we may know that the most considerate thing we can do is give someone an honest and compassionate No, we struggle and often sellout on ourselves. The results are a wishy-washy Maybe, an awkward No or, worse, we say Yes when we want to say No.
Join Diana Adams, Esq., Reid Mihalko and their special tele-guest for 90-minutes designed to get you feeling great about saying no!
In this, the last call of the teleseries, we will teach you how to:
  • Get used to saying No when you’re not in danger so you can be armed with that tool
  • Use saying No as a self-esteem builder
  • Leave the people you say No to feeling seen and appreciated
  • Find your own style and way of saying No
  • How to use saying No as a means to getting something you’re a Yes to! 
  • Give a stress-free No!