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Day of Jealousy

Reid’s Day of Jealousy
with Guest Jealousy Experts
Guest panel of jealousy experts:
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Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright

Not Three Calls, but FOUR!
Not Ten
 Amazing Experts… THIRTEEN!
 Get the 411 on How YOU Can Beat Jealousy!

A whole day devoted to Jealousy? You heard us right. World renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko took Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 (and a slice of June 29th) and wrangled up 13 of the best jealousy experts he could and declared it a Day of Jealousy. What happened next?

What happened were four teleclasses that were jammed packed with relationship experts, therapists, educators and specialists each sharing their thoughts and life experiences on dealing with the Green-Eyed Monster!

Together, these “jealousy black belts” brain-dumped as much useful info, personal perspectives and hard-won wisdom and advice as they could into each of the 90-minute calls. With a completely different line up of experts on each call, what came out of it at the day’s end were three insightful recordings focused on one of the most feared, debilitating, and misunderstood emotions in relationships: Jealousy!

And if good things come in threes, then you definitely want to check out these downloadable recordings ’cause we’ve got four! Four times the knowledge and the resources! Listen in as Reid and friends show you how you can kick jealousy’s butt rather than have it kicking yours!

On these calls, you will learn…

  • Different ways of looking at and understanding jealousy 
  • Tools, tips, and tricks for effectively battling the Green-Eyed Monster
  • How to stop fearing jealousy and living and loving boldly
  • Ways you can use jealousy to actually, believe it or not, IMPROVE your relationships!

We will also cover…

  • Techniques for understanding and dealing with a jealous partner
  • How to create teamwork in your relationships when it comes to jealousy 
  • Things you can do to make your relationship-world a less jealous one!

Jealousy isn’t just about romantic relationships either, you know! You can experience jealousy over your children taking up too much of your partner’s time, or become jealous over a co-worker’s promotion, or even a lover’s favorite hobby could trigger jealous twinges…

So what’s a person to do?

Download the calls and listen in as we make sense of what jealousy is, how it impacts our lives, and how we can gain the upper hand. Whether you’re experiencing jealousy on a regular basis, in love with someone who does, or just afraid that jealousy might rear it’s ugly head, these four calls will give you a wealth of information!

For less than $7 per 90-minute call you’ll receive this amazing resource for information on one of the most feared emotions in relationships. Begin getting over your fear of jealousy today!

Call #1:
Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, Diana Adams, Esq., Len Daley, and Marcia Baczynski

Call #2:
Nina Hartley, Dossie Easton, and Baba Dez Nicols

Call #3:
Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Deborah Taj Anapol, and Mark Michael Lewis

Bonus Call #4:
Kelly Bryson, Kamala Devi, and Decker Cunov

That's 6 hours of coaching for just $27!


One thing I got out of the call, in just ten minutes, is confirmation and affirmation…. I wanted to face my insecurities…. Just listening to you guys is encouraging!… Being with my feelings and staying with that… Oh, yeah, I’m not alone!

Thank you for the extraordinary “Jealousy Day” you created. I appreciated the diverse perspectives of your guests and I came away from the day with valuable insights, new perspectives and the feeling that I am in great company. I have a clearer understanding of ways jealousy comes up in my life and some great tools to use when it does.

Your calls have helped me embrace my jealousies with kindness and curiosity… as an ally, not an enemy.

~ Sharon Mauldin, Colorado

I’m in Europe, in the UK, and am fascinated by the speakers
you have involved in this topic that rarely gets discussed.
I love it. :)

I love exploring psychology and interpersonal relationships
and have been pushing myself to learn more for 10 years. It’s
starting to pay off now in my own life and that is becoming
mind blowing.

~Mark, United Kingdom