Diana is a revolutionary relationship educator, based in the New York City area and available for travel as well as telephone seminars and individual coaching.

Diana says:
I believe in creating intentional relationships through self-knowledge, radical honesty with yourself and others, negotiation of your own relationship needs and desires, and open communication. I ve been adventuring in the terrain of open relationships for a decade now, and I love to facilitate conversations for others on jealousy, polyamorous monogamous relationships and more. I also teach my own brand of radical self-defense physical empowerment classes I call Lady Tiger Fighter. I've taught at places as diverse as Yale College, One Taste, New Culture Summer Camp, and Loving More conferences, from groups as diverse as college age to post-menopausal women, to all gender groups, to couples, poly triads quads, and individuals on topics as diverse as:

  • Polyamory 101: Is an open relationship right for you? A should-I and how-to class
  • Open Relationships and Emotional Safety: Crafting your own relationship agreements
  • Confronting Jealousy
  • Yes Means Yes: Asking for what you want in relationships, sex, and beyond!
  • Sexual Healing for Survivors of Assault and Abuse
  • Lady Tiger Fighter: Physical and Emotional Empowerment Workshop
  • Getting What you Want: Learn sex etiquette to navigate a sex-positive world!

If you have interest in any of the above classes in the New York City area please email Diana at [email protected]

She'll schedule according to your demand and the needs of the community.

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