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Sacred Sexual Healing Book

If you want HOT and fast techniques to make you a better lover, this book is NOT for you!

...BUT if you're ready to release your culturally conditioned guilt, shame and fear about sexuality, and immerse yourself in ritual and magic, then keep reading.

Sacred Sexual Health combines both Ancient and modern techniques to deliver some of the most powerful personal growth teachings available on Earth!

Women will re-discover their libido, relieve pain during intercourse and connect to their sexual intuition. Men will eliminate fear of intimacy, cure performance anxiety, and learn to sexually satisfy a woman.

This 278 page book includes...
  • Exactly what happens in dozens of sacred sexual healing sessions
  • Simple practices to experience and expand and multiple orgasms
  • Top 10 reasons why men should practice Ejaculatory Mastery
  • Learn what the ancient texts say about female ejaculation
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that most beginners make
  • How healthy boundaries can help you relax and experience more pleasure
  • The 5 foundational tantric breathing practices
  • An advanced exploration of the seven primary chakras
  • The 4 shamanic secrets to relieve and avoid wounding
  • 7 powerful exercises to re-script past sexual wounds
  • 2 easy charts to help you understand the opposite gender
  • A handful of guided visualizations to heal and revitalize your sexual energy
  • 8 hot tips on how to spice up your solo practice
  • 4 meditations to practice during masturbation to become a fufilling lover 
  • Take a 10 point test to find the perfect practitioner for you
  • The 6 simple but profound steps of the SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic
  • 4 advanced ritual variations to practice sexual magic
  • In depth instructions for the Sacred Spot Ritual and Yoni Healing Sessions
  • How to activate twelve magic points deep within every woman
  • 13 reasons male sacred spot massage can change your life
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy prostate for men
  • 12 terms to use in creating a healthy relationship agreement.
  • How to avoid jealousy in polyamory and open marriage 
  • Plus, this book includes a glossary with over 100 of helpful tantric terms and definitions to guide you in your spiritual practice!

Say YES and allow yourself to experience the pleasure you deserve.

What the Experts are saying:

"This book reads very much like a novel. It is intelligent yet sensuous - instructive and sexy. You will discover both erotic entertainment and enlightenment in the pages of Sacred Sexual Healing. "
- Veronica Monet, Author of Sex Secrets of Escorts - Tips from a Pro

"Many Tantra books are either full of technical details about sex or incomprehensibly esoteric. I loved this book because it offers modern practical advice on living a juicier, more integrated life."
- Deborah Taj Anapol, Author of The Seven Natural Laws of Love

"As a Shakti Ma of the modern Tantra movement in the West, I applaud these two for furthering defining the indefinable. What a fun, juicy, mix of erotic teachings and spiritual concepts."
- Caroline Muir, Founder Co-author of Tantra: The Art of  Conscious Loving

"In my twenty years of Wicca, Shamanism, and Tantra I have practiced sex magic often, but never with such powerful results in my body and in my pocketbook as I experienced with the SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic offered in this book."
- Kypris Aster Drake, Author of Journey to Sexual Wholeness: The Six Gateways to Sacred Sexuality

"If you only have time to read one book in the field of sexuality this year, then you had better read this one! A very open, frank, yet gentle exploration of sexual healing and awakening. A must read!"
- Lawrence Lanoff, Author of A Course in Freedom: The Drunken Monkey Speaks

"Sacred Sexual Healing is a comprehensive study of all things Tantric. We enjoyed the simple, seductive, erotic, playfulness of it. Caution: Read this book slowly, that way when your life changes it will be easier to swallow."
- Kip Moore and Lexi Fisher, Creators of DVD, Tantra 101 Love Lessons

"Down to earth Tantra books are rare, yet Kamala and Dez sew up the Yin/Yang of it with warmth, clarity and compassion."
- Charla Hathaway, Author of Erotic Massage

"Bold. Intimate. Real. I highly recommend Sacred Sexual Healing to anyone who feels the burning desire to go beyond our culture's limiting views of sexuality."
- Cain Carroll, Author of Partner Yoga: Making Contact for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Growth

"The book is engaging and lively even when it addresses complex spiritual theories. It's a must-read for anyone interested in reaching deeper connections and personal awakening through sexual experience."
- Vicki Vantoch, Author of The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three

"With language and concepts that are accessible to everyone, this book will be of great value to you, your lovers, your students, and your friends no matter where they may be in their journey."
-Reid Mihalko, Creator of Cuddle Party TM

"Sacred Sexual Healing is beautifully written, honest, and a great guide to the often misunderstood world of Tanta, and the section on Methods of sexual magic is a must read for anyone aspiring to be a great lover."
- Nick Karras, Author of Petals

"Full of exceptional sacred sex practices and exercises for solo-sex or to do with a partner; truly a bold re-visioning toward a more ‘healthy male / healthy female’ sexual consciousness and practice."

Dr. Beth Hedva, Author of Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness: A Guide to Emotional Healing and Self Re-newal

"Dez and Kamala demystify this very important esoteric territory with sweetness, practicality and personal depth. Sacred sexuality is best transmitted by those who live it…these two embody it!"

- Anyaa McAndrew, Priestess, Psychotherapist, Sacred Sexual Healer

"This book is hot.  Not only does it address the most important issues at the cutting edge of humanity, it is a totally refreshing plunge into the deeper waters of expanded awareness in freedom based relationships. It's profoundly expressed thru this super sexy soul-journ into the heart of love, mysticism and sexuality.

- Kelly Bryson, Author of Don't be Nice, Be real: Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others