Welcome to Feminist Outlaw!

I am Diana Adams, and I have found bliss in love and success in career by breaking society's rules on how to live my life.

FeministOutlaw.com is my platform for "coming out" as a relationship and legal activist, and sharing what I've learned.

I believe my generation of feminism is about creating choices in how we can live our lives, regardless of gender. I believe the current rules of society and law are outdated, and don't support us in the reality of our lives, especially as women and non-nuclear families. I believe our government should value ALL families.

In my work for social change as a sexual civil rights lawyer, I advocate for nontraditional families, and educate about healthy family options beyond married Mom-and-Dads. My passion comes from my own experience in nontraditional relationships, and fuels me as a personal activist for relationship choices.  As a bisexual and happily polyamorous woman, I live in open relationships with full honesty and radical communication between my partners, with a glorious chosen family.

I teach the Relationship Ninja skills I've learned as a relationship educator and coach, including self-awareness, radical honesty, confronting jealousy, and negotiating family agreements.

I want to share these things I've learned, support you in your legal choices, and help you create your dream relationships, too. I hope the resources on this site help and want to here your thoughts on these topics!


Upcoming Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Please direct all teaching, speaking, and workshop inquiries to [email protected]amslaw.net.

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