Diana is available to meet one-on-one or with couples, triads, or groups to provide coaching on relationships and sexuality issues, whether those relationships are with yourself or others!

Diana's coaching style is friendly and practical, and she is known for her charisma, humor, honesty, and ability to share invaluable practical tools. With her genuine warmth, judgment-free attentive listening, and commitment to confidentiality, she can facilitate a superior environment of emotional safety, so that most clients say 'I've never been this comfortable talking about my personal life with someone I've just met!' Diana's methodology emphasizes radical honesty and open communication, asking for what you want and setting boundaries clearly and compassionately without guilt, and analysis of one's emotional triggers and motivations for ever-growing self-knowledge. As her client, Diana will assist you in setting tangible realistic goals for your coaching session(s) and provide insight, suggestions, and tools for rapid and efficient transformation of your personal life. Diana is available for one-time appointments as well as ongoing weekly relationship coaching, and can cater these sessions to your needs and your budget.

What kinds of coaching and mentoring does Diana do?

Polyamory Coaching
Is polyamory right for you? Are you considering whether you have a polyamorous orientation or whether you may want to try an open relationship but don't know how to decide or how to get started with emotional safety? Do you want assistance in talking to new or current partners, your parents, or your friends? Are you a committed monogamous couple considering opening up your relationship? As a reknowned polyamory activist and educator, and an experienced and compassionate polyamorist who has had plenty of challenges and experiences in her own life and poly family, Diana has helped hundreds of people answer these questions and find their own best path forward.
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Abundance Coaching
How can be your most self-expressed, and move beyond guilt and fear as motivations in your life? How can you be more assertive and learn to ask for what you you want boldly, clearly, and compassionately, whether in the bedroom or in a boardroom? How can you transform your dating life or a stale relationship or a relationship in which trust has been broken? How can you evaluate whether you and a partner are still compatible or whether your journeys have gone in different directions? How can you find confident and healthy expression of your sexuality?
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Crafting Relationship Agreements
Diana loves working with couples, triads, and quads to create relationship agreements. As a lawyer, Diana noticed that couples would often heavily negotiate the legal and financial expectations they had in prenuptial agreements, but in terms of the more important issues of emotional expectations and covenants, monogamy, sexuality, and the daily life of your relationship, couples would often accept society's rules and not explicitly discuss these issues - UNTIL that is, they came to her for a divorce! But when you throw out the rules society gives you about how to conduct your relationships, you sometimes need to start from scratch and this isn't easy! Don't reinvent the wheel- learn through Diana about what kinds of agreements and structures are possible and make sure you've anticipated possible challenges, especially as they relate to nonmonogamy. As an attorney admitted to practice in New York State, Diana is also experienced in legal prenuptial agreements, and is the only lawyer able to provide legal and financial planning as well as 'emotional prenuptial agreements', which can be written as emotional contracts if the clients wish (which are emotionally powerful but not enforceable in court except to avoid the adultery grounds of divorce), to outline the emotional anticipations of a relationship which a couple or poly relationship group can create themselves. These agreements can relate to the conditions and boundaries of outside sexual or romantic relationships, fluid-bonding and safer sex, coparenting agreements, commitments to stay in the relationship for a certain length of time (such as until a child turns 18) until reevaluating, the terms of leaving the relationship (such as to agree to go to couples counseling for 6 months before leaving), commitments to the sexual health of your relationship, financial and economic dependence, and more. Diana also assists in drafting progressive ketubahs for Jewish weddings. This service is available for new couples attempting to create their boundaries, especially in polyamorous contexts; couples, triads, groups, or intentional communities in anticipation of a marriage, commitment ceremony, deepening commitment or a baby; couples or relationship groups in crisis and evaluating whether to end a relationship, and more.
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Healing from Sexual Violence
Diana has particular experience working with survivors of sexual assault or trauma to process these experiences to find powerful and positive new expressions of intimacy, sexuality, and trust. Diana has experience as a rape crisis and domestic violence victim counselor and legal activist, self-defense instructor, and sexuality and relationship educator. In addition, Diana is a survivor of sexual assault herself; her life was transformed by inspiring female leaders and role models, such as her rape crisis counselor, self-defense and martial arts instructors, inspiring survivors, and empowering women's workshop educators. Now, Diana relishes facilitating that empowering transformation in other women and survivors.

Would you benefit from meeting with Diana? Diana is available for in person and phone appointments, and can cater her coaching sessions to meet your needs and your budget. Kindly contact her at diana (at) for more information, and she'd love to hear from you.