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Diana Adams and her partners in the New York Times
Photo from NYTimes.com

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Diana Adams is out and proud as a youth public face of polyamory and the relationship choice movement, and is internationally known as relationship educator and a revolutionary legal activist for family law reform. Diana has been interviewed by the the New York Times, MTV, the New York Post, the Washington Post, Current TV, Time Out NY, the Russian Today Show, Here Gay and Lesbian TV and more. Diana does regular public speaking in places as diverse as Yale Women's and Gender Studies Department, Manhattan LGBT Center, Yale Law School, the national Poly Living and Loving More conferences (where she was Keynote speaker at each in 2008), and numerous universities and national academic conferences on law, sexuality, polyamory, gender/women's issues and sociology. Please contact her at diana (at) feministoutlaw.com to request interviews or speaking engagements.