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Diana is a legal activist for sexual civil rights and nontraditional families

In 2006, Diana started her own Brooklyn, NY family law practice, focusing on advocacy for nontraditional families. Diana represents clients throughout New York State in child custody cases in which their sexuality or alternative lifestyle, such as their polyamory, queer identity, or involvement in kink/BDSM, is being inappropriately and unfairly conflated with immorality and emotional instability and distracting from the true best interests of the child.

Diana is active in the marriage reform movement, fighting to unbundle our legal rights from marriage, so that single people, unmarried couples, polyamorous people, LGBTQ people who are not permitted to marry, and intentional communities are not legally disadvantaged in terms of their taxes or ability to form family ties.

As fewer Americans each year fit into a traditional nuclear family model, Diana advocates for awareness in society and government of other valuable emerging family models, including chosen families which harken back to extended family networks that existed long before the nuclear family we know today. As an attorney and a relationship coach, Diana assists individuals, couples, and poly families to create intentional families that include legal stability, concrete agreements, and emotional awareness.

Diana received a Bachelor of Arts from Yale in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate from Cornell Law School focusing on feminist legal theory and American government reform. Diana practiced welfare law reform for New York City and worked in legal services for women and families in poverty before starting her innovative law practice.

Find out more about Diana's law practice at www.dianaadamslaw.net.

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Diana is a spokesperson for new relationship options, including polyamory.

Diana identifies as queer, bisexual and polyamorous. After much self-exploration, she accepted that traditional heterosexual monogamy and the pattern of late-twenties husband-hunting just wasn't for her.

Diana is polyamorous, meaning that she is nonmonogamous with full honesty and consent of her partners, and has several long-term loves.

Through polyamory, she has found an incredibly rich, fulfilling, and supportive chosen family, and wants to speak out so that others will know that a polyamorous option exists, and to support this and other innovation and choice in love, family, and relationships as a whole in our culture.

Diana co-founded and co-hosts New York's monthly Polyamory Cocktail Party, the largest gathering in the world of young adults interested in polyamory, offering an opportunity for like-minded people to connect, offer support, and build community.

Diana was previous Vice President of Polyamory NYC, one of the largest growing polyamory organizations in the world, hosting the national Polyamory Pride Weekend in New York.

She has spoken widely as a public face for polyamory among young adults, including as keynote speaker at the national LOVING MORE, Poly Living and National Poly Leadership Summit conferences as well as for the New York Times, Newsweek, the Washington Post, Current TV, the New York Post, Time Out NY, the Russian Today Show, and more. In Septermber 2009 Diana appeared on the award winning docu-series MTV True Life "I'm Polyamorous" for a viewership of twelve million people, mostly young adults.

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Diana is a relationship coach and educator, and advocate for a revolution in relationships!


After a decade of exploring open relationships and personal transformation work, Diana has created her dream life and relationships --and believes you can too.

She coaches individuals, couples, triads, and poly families on enhancing communication and crafting their own relationship agreements. She has spoken widely and led interactive workshops to diverse groups of all genders from college age to post-menopausal. See Speaking/Workshops for more information or to schedule a presentation.

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